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Leapfrog Tag

Help your child to read with the #1 selling Leapfrog Tag Reading system.

Your child will have great fun as they explore their favourite books which will ‘come alive’ just by tagging the books with the pen.

The Tag Junior is aimed at the 1 to 4 age group whilst the Leapfrog Tag is aimed at the 4 to 8 year olds.

What is the Leapfrog Tag?

Leapfrog Tag is a great learning tool that your child simply ‘tags’ on the words in the book and then the words come alive out loud.
The words talk, pictures come alive and children’s very own story character favorites live out loud.

Your child simply touches on a word to hear it out loud and learn it, or they can touch on the picture to hear the character come alive whilst they follow along with the dialog.
The early learning books will pronounce the words out loud allowing them to learn them for the first time whilst for the older children there are Tag Quiz and Game books that will provide hours of activities for them to keep occupied with; all whilst learning critical early skills that are so important in a young person’s development.

What Books are available?

Many of your children's favorite storybook and film characters are available in over 40 books including;  
There are also great eBooks available online where your child can safely browse explore the world of Tag online.

You can also connect your Leapfrog Tag online to see how your child is doing and follow their progress as they work their way through the various books and learning levels available.
You are then able to ascertain their learning favourites and design a tailored learning program, made exactly for them, to get the most from the tool and your child's development.

What can my child learn from Leapfrog Tag?

Apart from learning to play in a fun and healthy way, your child will also acquire the following;  
In a test conducted on 1,000 teachers;  
All in all your child could get a great head start with many early learning skills with the Leapfrog Tag and it's great fun for the parent too as they will see their child learn the important starting blocks for their young lives.
“Inspiring a Life Long Love of Reading”


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